What is skin?
  • Skin is new product concept to protect gadget, anti-scratch,waterproof anti-dust with exciting pictures.
  • Each skin is cut to fit the exact contours of the specific gadget so they look like they're part of it, also peel off easily without leaving any mess behind. Easy to clean and maintenance free.

What is skin made of?
Our skins made of  high quality of vinyl material have a pressure actived adhesive which allows you to position and reposition the skin  properly on your gadget when applied it.

How to apply your skin?

With a little bit of careful, skin is easy to use. Just follow the simple steps below :

1. Make sure your device is clean and dry.

2. Carefully to pull the skin from its place and if your skin has more than one part, make sure which part will be installed first, example : Place the skin on the gadget without giving pressures at the site of the camera, speaker, etc.

3. After fitting position, press from the top to the middle, the sides and make sure there are no bubbles left behind.

Will the skin impact to the gadget?
No, a skin on your gadget does not  negative impact to the functioning of your device in any way. In fact, skins can actually protect your gadget from everyday dust and scrapes.
Also, the skin can be easily removed without leaving a stain trace.

Can I use my skin more than once?
Generally, a skin designed for a single application and are designed to stay on for a long time, repeal can lead to slight stretching. So it might not look as properly and good if you tried to reuse it. Why not try out a new design instead.

How long can I receive the skin?
Manufacturing will be finished in 5 business days and shipped directly.

Can I use my own pictures or designs?
Sure, you can. Please send your own pictures or designs with minimum 800 pixels.